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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Contoh Narrative Text


            Long time ago, there was a boy named Michael lived in a village with his best friend Hanna. They always play together, anytime and anywhere. One day Mrs.Miller, their neighbor told a story about the magicwell.
            “Near this village, on the south, there is a magicwell”, said Mrs.Miller.
            “Can the well make our wishes come true ?”, asked Hanna.
            “Can we find thousands of gold coins there ?”, asked Michael too.
            “It’s not like that. You can see a wonderful scene inside the well. It’s so wonderful that everybody wants to see it, but....”, said Mrs.Miller.
            “But what Mrs.Miller ?”, asked Michael and Hanna.
            “Everybody who looked inside the well, they are missing forever. Not anyone could find them”, said Mrs.Miller.
            “At that night, Michael could not sleep. He kept thinking about the well.
            “I will look for the well early in the morning tomorrow”, thought Michael.
            Early in the morning, Michael went alone to search for the well, this time Hanna did not go with him. After he found the well and looked inside it, then nobody ever saw him again.
            After Michael gone, Hanna was so sad. She lost her best friend. Hanna grown up years later, she became a beautiful girl. When she walked trough the forest, she found an old well.
            “Is it the well that Mrs.Miller told to me and Michael ?”, asked Hanna.
            Then, she looked inside the well. It was wonderful. She could see a beautiful parade, a big castle and lots of fairies. So many colorful flags, princesses and princes rode their horses. But she saw someone.
            “I think I know him. He’s Michael. Michael !”, called Hanna.
            Then, Michael went out from the well.
            “Hanna ! You don’t know how glad I am to see you again. The well was so horrible. It was right that you can see beautiful things inside it, but when the fairy took you go with her, he whole things become so dark and the people are old. It was scarya”, explained Michael.
            Since that, they never look inside the well again. Michael was so thankful to Hanna because she still remembered him.

Questions !

1.      Why did many people think that the well was magic ? Because....
a.       It could make wishes come true.
b.      People who saw it could get many coins.
c.       It gave luck to people who saw it.
d.      The well caused the people who saw it missing.
e.       People could not see the well in their village.
Answer :
d.  The well caused the people who saw it missing.

2.      Michael wanted to see the well because....
a.       He was suspicious to see it.
b.      Mrs.Miller asked him to do it.
c.       Hanna wanted him to go.
d.      He wanted to get some lucks.
e.       His friend told him to do so.
Answer :
a.      He was suspicious to see it.

3.      The synonym of the word “scary” in the text is....
a.       Afraid.
b.      Awesome.
c.       Frightening.
d.      Frightened.
e.       Crazy.
Answer :
a.      Afraid.

4.      After looking inside the well, Hanna was not missing, because.......
a.       She never fell down to the well.
b.      Someone saved her.
c.       Michael helped her.
d.      She saw Michael in the well.
e.       The fairy didn’t take her down.
Answer :
e. The fairy didn’t take her down.

5.      Which statement is not correct ?
a.       Michael was one of the people in the parade and could save himself.
b.      Michael was lost because the fairy took him away.
c.       Hanna found the well by accident
d.      Michael could go out of the well because Hanna called him.
e.       The well could not give any people who saw it some advantages.
Answer :
a.      Michael was one of the people in the parade and could save himself.

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